Stevens School

Stevens School

Stevens School at Heritage Village.

On April 1883, Samuel G. and Margret Stevens deeded a lot on Pine Creek Hill, approximately one mile from Grantsville, to the Center District Board of Education. The school building was constructed by 1885. The last term of school was held during the 1963-64 school year with Mrs. Wayne (Marguerite) Underwood as the teacher. Stevens School was also known as Lower Pine Creek School.

In 1995, the owners of Stevens School sold the building to a buyer who desired to tear down the school for lumber, but an anonymous member of The Historical  Society graciously donated sufficient funds to purchase, move and restore the structure. During relocating, Norma Knotts Shaffer permitted the lumber to be stored in the basement of her building "Attic Images" on Main Street beside the Grantsville Post Office. Unfortunately, the timbers and boards were not numbered or identified, so reconstruction proved to be a difficult task.

Image inside Stevens School displaying the pot-bellied stove and student desks.

In 1997, the rebuilding began with fundraising and numerous volunteers providing food, labor, equipment, and expertise to the project. Local Boy Scouts spent many hours pulling nails and sorting boards. The school is of mortise and tenon construction. The framing is hand hewn poplar and oak attached with hickory pegs. The walls, ceiling, floorboards, and most of the framing lumber are original- dating from the mid-1800's. After the setting of the foundation stones it was evident that lumber that was missing or damaged and needed to be replaced. Mr. & Mrs. James Overbaugh provided cut timber from their own land and mill and Cokey Gainer also provided additional boards from his mill along with tongue and groove for the interior. All windows required replacement and Hagan Richards undertook their construction at his workshop in Fairmont, WV. Roger Jarvis organized putting on the interior and exterior siding. The front porch of the structure is new and much larger than the original. Many people donated school related equipment, books, materials, and supplies. In the heart of Stevens School rest a functional pot-bellied stove. The blackboard was acquired from the old high school located in Grantsville. Most of the student desks in the school came from the Broomstick School and an outhouse from the Mudfork School.