Cain Chapel

Cain Chapel

Cain Chapel at Heritage Village.

The building was donated to the Historical Society by the family of Francis Cain and it was relocated to the Village by May Moving Company on October 22, 2007. During the move it was necessary for the roof to be removed and its transport was quite challenging to navigate through the narrow car-filled streets of Grantsville. 

Needing a house of worship at Heritage Village, the Historical Society decided to convert the cabin into a chapel. Jim Bell organized workers to stabilize the foundation and walls.

In 2015, Mr. John Elliot of Millstone donated this organ to the Historical Society. The organ came from his family home on Sycamore.


To protect the cabin (chapel) from the elements, in the Spring of 2008, workers, also under the supervision of Jim Bell, constructed a new steep, church-like roof and front porch with a bell. Interior furniture was obtained including pew and an oak podium (Class of 1956) was brought from the old high school.

The chapel was opened to the public in 2009 and is a popular site for weddings.