Historical Society

Calhoun County Historical and Genealogical Society

Historical and Genelogical Society (pictured left) and Stump Hotel (pictured right) on Main Street in Grantsville.

History Center Museum and Stump Hotel Hours: Friday, 11:00-2:00

**For other days/times, contact Terry Harris, 304-354-7263, Roger Jarvis, 304-354-6398, Bob Bonar, 304-354-7507

Email:  calhounhistorical@gmail.com

Social Media: www.facebook.com

Mailing Address:  P. O. Box 242, Grantsville, WV 26147-0242

Physical Address: 342 Main Street, Grantsville, WV 26147

About Us

The Society was founded in 1974, with 72 charter members. Eloise Divers served as the first president. Meetings were held for a few years at the Calhoun County Library and, later, at other locations, including the courthouse, former jail, classroom double-wide behind the Grantsville Grade School, library again, then, in 2001, to a permanent home in the newly acquired Family History Center Museum (former Quality Shop) on Main Street. Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM.

Through the years the Society has been involved in a number activities and productions for the public, the latest being a cemetery lantern tour, and “Christmas in the Village.” It issues a newsletter three times per year, has published several books and manuscripts on county topics, and maintains a history and genealogical research room at the county library. Among the hundreds of documents are: census records, county and community histories, cemetery records, family genealogies, school yearbooks, history books, births/deaths/marriages, church histories, photographs, and the like, as well as microfilm and computer resources.

 To house the Society’s growing collection of artifacts and archives, the former Stump House Hotel [circa 1885] and the History Center are being remodeled to serve as a visitor welcome center, museum, storage area, workplace, and meeting room. The museum in the Family History Center highlights county history and lifestyles. Displays, taken from the Society's holdings, are periodically changed. Tours of both buildings, and educational presentations are provided to school and community groups, and the general public. Acquisitions are continually being accepted.

Beginning in 1996, the Calhoun Historical Society began creating a Heritage Village at the Calhoun County Park. It now consists of seven historic buildings—one-room school, country store, post office, blacksmith shop, carpenter shop, two-story log cabin, and a chapel—donated by their owners and moved to the park from various locations in the county. The buildings have been restored and appropriately furnished, and are open to the public.   Activities at the Village include productions, tours and demonstrations, a site for weddings and photography sessions, programs by other organizations, school field trips, and a location to preserve artifacts.