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About Us

About Us

Calhoun County Park was created during the 1980’s and is located three and one-half miles south of Grantsville, WV on Route 16. The Park is maintained and operated by a volunteer Board of Directors with members appointed by the Calhoun County Commission. There are approximately 200 acres of land available to the public for recreation and enjoyment. Within the Park there are a number of features such as a walking/bicycling trail, ball field, volleyball and basketball courts, playgrounds, geocaching, picnic shelters, 5 ponds, community building, historical village, stargazing “dark sky site”, and camping.

Boy Scout Troop #39, Grantsville, WV, has been involved with Calhoun County Park since the park’s establishment. At the start, scout members helped with clearing roads and trails along with erecting structures. Through the years the scouts held regular activities and outings within the park. As part of their requirements to obtain Eagle Scout status, scouts have completed projects toward beautification and upgrades of features in the park.

Calhoun County Middle/High School Cross-Country Team utilizes the trail within the park for practicing and hosting cross-country meets. The 3.2 mile walking trail serves as a safe and appropriate area, and is precisely the length necessary for a 5k race.

Park Hours

The park is always open except for a special occasion or event which requires closing of the gate.

Park Map

Calhoun County Park Map Printable PDF

General Rules

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