Stemple Cabin

Stemple Cabin

Stemple Cabin at Heritage Village.

Constructed, circa 1880, Ahab Stemple Cabin was located on Rowels Run. Details regarding the cabin were given by Evangeline Stemple West, Ahab's daughter, who was born in the cabin. She was interviewed by Marvin and Peggy Stemple. In the mid-20th Century the home was moved a short distance to Hughes Fork on the Rufus and Georgia Stemple farm, and used as a barn for storing hay. Rufus was a grandson of Ahab Stemple.

In descriptions of the original cabin, it is stated that the interior walls were covered with boards and the downstairs room was wallpapered. Muslin covered the ceiling and there were lace curtains on the downstairs windows. The stairs to the second floor were located in the back corner and were narrow and steep at a 90 degree angle. The exterior wall on the front and chimney side of the building were covered with drop siding. Later on, a two story addition, back porch, kitchen, and pantry were built. 

A look inside Stemple Cabin.

In 2006, the cabin was donated to the Historical Society by Georgia Stemple Weaver (Rufus' wife) and her daughter, Carolyn Stemple Kelly. The upper floor of the cabin was dismantled, each log was numbered, and it was moved to the Village on October 13, 2007 by May Moving Company. Reassembly was completed by mid-November. Creston Oil provided a boom truck and operators, and Roger Jarvis, Duane Poling, Tony Collins and John Vannoy worked to get the cabin under roof by winter. For the next several years, under the direction of Jim Bell and Roger Jarvis, work on the interior was a priority for the volunteers. Also, the original plank two-story addition was re-constructed, chinking began, and doors and windows were installed.

The fireplace constructed in 2014 by stonemason Peter Cobbett. Cut stone provided by Jim Bell.

In 2014, the chimney was completed. Constructed by stonemason Peter Cobbett, it has a working fireplace with fieldstone on the outside and cut stone on the inside.  The large cut stone above the mantel was part of the front step of the Pell house in Grantsville (now Stump Funeral Home). This stone, mantel, and wood framing were furnished by Jim Bell.  The field stone and other cut stone was donated by Francis and David Cain. Grant Clark, blacksmith, fabricated the fireplace equipment.  The andirons were provided by Anita Hartshorn Vannoy.