Starcher Blacksmith Shop

Starcher Blacksmith Shop

Charlie Starcher opened his blacksmith shop in the 1920’s. It was located at Hur on the road to the Left Hand Fork of Barnes Run part way down the hill. Mr. Starcher closed his shop in the 1950’s.

Starcher Blacksmith Shop at Heritage Village.

In the mid-1990’s, Louis and Dottie Slider donated the building and its contents to the Historical Society. Early on, the contents were removed and stored in the old NYA building for safekeeping until funding was available. In the summer of 2005, when money was secured, May Towing relocated the building. Jim Bell and others dedicated long hours in stabilizing and preparing the blacksmith shop for the move. Due to the nature of the original site, and narrow, crooked backroads, the move was very difficult and time consuming.

International Harvester "Hit-and-Miss" 2 hp engine used for grinding corn. Manufactured in Chicago in 1908.

To prepare the site for the blacksmith shop's arrival, Jim, Duck Stevens, and Roger Jarvis set the concrete block foundation piers. A new roof was put on by Rev. Harry Siers and the Stumptown crew. Jim and Duck took responsibility for adding to the original contents, including harness shop items.

The blacksmith shop was dedicated on May 27, 2006