Freed Post Office

Freed Post Office

Freed Post Office at Heritage Village.

Freed Post Office, on Leading Creek, was built in the early 20th Century by Seth Collins. His wife, Ivy Collins, operated the building as the postmistress. After a disastrous fire in 1933, the post office was one of few remaining structures left in the town of Freed. In 1954, Freed Post Office closed its doors and was used as storage. In 2005, Historical Society member, Larry Freed worked closely with Marguerite Hardman (daughter of Seth and Ivy) to acquire the building. Mrs. Hardman generously donated the building to be displayed and preserved in Heritage Village.

A look inside Freed Post Office.

On September 8, 2005, the post office was relocated to the park. Moving the post office proved to be a much easier task than with previous structures due to the small building being easily accessed from the road. The post office's windows and roof required replacement to restore the building to its original condition. New windows were constructed by Jim Bell. Rev. Harry Siers and the Stumptown crew installed a new roof.  In 2006, interior work began with Gloria Jean Stevens doing the wallpapering. Postal related furnishings were acquired to put on display. An authentic World War I War Bond Drive poster from the old Mt. Zion Post Office is attached to the wall on the inside-left of the post office. Other pieces displayed include marker flags and mailbags used in airmail delivery. The drop-off site was located on the ridge between the two picnic shelters above Heritage Village.

The post office was dedicated on May 27, 2006