Fee Schedule

Heritage Village Fee Schedule

Entrance to Heritage Village.

The Calhoun County Historical Society invites all visitors to walk through and enjoy Heritage Village. It is open for touring except for the occasional event or rental of the Village. However, voluntary donations have been insufficient to fund maintenance and other needs. Therefore, guided tours or opening of the buildings for individuals or groups may be arranged, for a fee, by contacting Historical Society members: Terry Harris, 304-354-7263; Roger Jarvis, 304-354-6398; Bob Bonar, 304-354-7507.

Fee Schedule

**It is free to walk around the Village—NO CHARGE**

For individuals--$1.00 per person for each building opened

--$5.00 per person to open all seven buildings

For groups (ten or more)--$3.00 per person to open all buildings

**There is no charge for children five years of age and younger**


Wedding with no set-up—just minister, couple and a small wedding party (includes opening one building)--$50

Any other set-up involving decorations, chairs, arbors, large crowd, reception, one or more buildings opened--$100


Feel free to use the Village for backdrops—however, please make a donation to the Society for the continued upkeep of the buildings & grounds.