Jarvis Store

Jarvis Store

Jarvis Store at Heritage Village.

Constructed in Oka circa 1930, the Spencer "Dock" Jarvis general store replaced an earlier building that was destroyed by fire. It was built by Lonnie Watkins using lumber from trees on the Jarvis farm and sawed by Bee Griffin. The foundation stone were cut by a "Mr. Norman" from Beech. The Oka Post Office was located inside the store for several years. In the 1950's the building was relocated to the intersection of Oka Rd. and Beech Rd. when the Department of Highways rerouted Oka Rd. After the store closed, the building was only sporadically used. Several years later, Mrs. Irene Jarvis Gunn (daughter of "Dock") decided to donate the building to be part of the Heritage Village.

A look inside Jarvis Store reveals the multitude of items generously donated.

The store was moved intact by Gary May Towing Service 25 miles from Oka to Mt. Zion. For transport the roof was removed and the rafters laid down to be able to pass beneath overhead power lines. The building was placed on concrete block piers and the original cut stone was used to construct a nearby flowerbed. Rev. Harry Siers assembled a crew from Stumptown to re-roof the store. Numerous individuals have donated equipment and items to stock the shelves, including original items used by Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis.

Jarvis Store was dedicated August 28, 2004.